Preflight Analysis and Conversion Engine (PACE)


PACE, or the Preflight* Analysis and Conversion Engine, is a digital diagnostic and conversion tool for figure files. PACE helps you ensure that figures meet PLOS requirements and that the quality of published figures is as high as possible. Watch this short tutorial video if it is your first time using PACE.

What PACE Does:

  • Verifies when a figure file passes objective quality checks
  • Provides a quality report with a summary of failed checks
  • Converts figure files to meet requirements, when possible
  • Saves and stores your files for up to 7 days

Before You Submit

Review the figure guidelines for the PLOS journal where you plan to submit PLOS ONE, PLOS Biology, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Genetics, PLOS Medicine, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, PLOS Pathogens.

PACE does not evaluate the content of the figures, nor the subjective aspects of image quality that require human evaluation. Review converted files before submitting to check image sharpness, color, text quality and legibility, correctness of content, and other subjective elements.

*Preflight is a publishing term for the process of checking figure file specifications before use.

PACE requires you to register for an account to ensure your figure files are processed securely.

Log in to upload and access stored files.